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Cake Toppers for Same Sex Marriages

Equally Wed - Sunday, May 26, 2013

Over the last year a great deal of time has been spent sourcing a range of cake toppers that suit same-sex marriages.
We found these more modern; light weight, acrylic toppers to be something unique and we suspect they will be snapped up for weddings in New Zealand and let's hope Australia in the coming years.

Sarah A.K.A Miss Cake started producing these 3mm thick toppers containing song lyrics, names and eventually same-sex options in the UK after she noticed the limited choice for gay and lesbian couples.

We saw these and thought they were fantastic so we had to get our hands on them!

Late last week we received a major shipment of not only same-sex cake toppers but also some fun indoor party food picks that say Eat Me or Drink Me and one of our favourites.. the pink flamingos. 



Each cake topper listing has a variety of colours in stock which you can easily see under the at the top of the product pages, just under the price. Once an order is placed it is shipped within the next 48 hours to your address so you could be in possession of your very own wedding cake topper within days for as little as $40.

If you would prefer to have a colour which we do not currently have in stock then all you need to do is chose the special order option at the checkout and tell us what colour you want. We will get it for you!


So if you are thinking that you would like something a little different than two porcelain figurines on your cake then this might be something to take into consideration. It's modern, It's funky, it's light and comes in a range of colours to suit your cake.

And if it is not exactly what you are looking for but you have something in mind then leave us a comment because you never know.. we might have something that does suit you in our future products list.

For now we will leave you with our fabulous pink flamingos.


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