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How same-sex couples can get married in the ACT

Equally Wed - Tuesday, November 12, 2013

The ACT becomes the very first state to legislate marriage equality through a state government vote.
Here are your questions answered on the current Marriage Equality legislation in the ACT.
Please share for all those who have some questions. When can l get married? How long they must wait to get a marriage license? Is it recognised outside the ACT?

On the 13th September 2013, The Australian Capital Territory (ACT) Government made the announcement that will legalise same-sex marriage!

On October 10th 2013, the federal Attorney-General confirmed that the Commonwealth Government will challenge the proposed ACT bill, stating that the Coalition Government has significant constitutional concerns with respect to the ACT bill. The bill was debated in the ACT Legislative Assembly on 22 October 2013, and passed by 9 votes to 8

becomes the very first state to legislate marriage equality through a state government vote.

When does same-sex marriage go into effect in the ACT?
Under the legislation, same-sex marriages will legally be allowed to be performed in the ACT from 8th December 2013.

However the High Court of Australia will hear the Commonwealth's challenge on December 3rd & 4th.

Do l have to live in the ACT to get married?
No, anyone can apply for a marriage license in the ACT.

Where can l apply for a marriage license?
A "Notice of Intention to Marry" form must be given to the authorised celebrant who will perform the ceremony.

Is there a waiting period to get the marriage license?
There is a waiting period of ONE month.

Where can the marriage take place?
A marriage under the ACT legislation can only take place in the ACT.

Are there witnesses required in order to get legally married?
Yes two adult witnesses are required.

I am in a civil union - how does this affect me?
Civil unions will not be terminated under this new legislation.
If you chose to marry then your 'civil union' will change to 'married'

For more information:-

How much is the marriage license application fee?
+ Notice of Intention to Marry            – No Fee
+ Legal Marriage Certificate             –
*** there may be more fees dependent on your current relationship status.

Can I apply online for a marriage license?
You must print the ‘notice of intention to marry’ form which is t
hen given to an authorised celebrant.

What paperwork is required when I apply for my marriage license?
In total three forms of ID must accompany the application. One primary ID (birth certificate, a driver’s license, a passport). and 2 secondary (credit cards, student ID, firearms license, government employee photo-identity card etc…)
Full list here: want a marriage certificate

Who can perform the marriage ceremony?
An authorised celebrant registered under section 35 of the Act.

The Marriage Equality authorized celebrant register:

If I don't live in the ACT, will my marriage be recognised by my home state?
No they will not..

Is my ACT same-sex marriage recognised by the Australian federal government?
Unfortunately, no it is not.

How do l change my name?
Complete the 206 CAN form which will cost you $104 or alternatively you can pay for and get a certificate delivered via registered post.

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