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Our New Year Resolutions... a bigger, brighter future ahead!

Equally Wed - Friday, January 10, 2014

Have you made your New Year's resolution(s)?
We certainly did!

After 18 months online, servicing the LGBT community and careening towards the end of 2013, we made a few decisions last year. In fact we are expanding to provide more for your big day, so read on here to see what we have planned.

[#1] Our first decision (or should l say resolution) is to continue with Marry Me Gay with the focus on the products for same-sex marriages.
The categories and products on the website will be overhauled over the coming six months ... out with the old and in with the new! We have made a kick start already with several new cake toppers (bringing our total to 30 designs now) and cards coming on board the website. 

Our second resolution is one we have been working on for 6 months now and it's no surprise.
A brand new, professionally designed website, that will contain a comprehensive listing of same-sex wedding services for your wedding needs.

So why create a new website?

We wanted a website that provided the functionality you as the client would want when searching for potential service providers for your big day. Whether it be a celebrant in Coffs Harbour or a photographer in Melbourne, we have included these filters within the design.
Secondly, we have a vision of how we would like the website to not only work, but how it looks.
The visual design will become a portal into the gay friendly service providers who also want marriage equality within Australia bringing client and provider together in one space.

With this growing industry we want to provide a services websites where you can navigate to the service easily, be presented with options, have clear & concise information on the website and contact details shown on screen. 
It is also just as equally important to us to build a following through social media, newsletters, advertisement and provide a stable environment (we have had zero downtime since our first day online minus two short maintenance periods!)  where the client can get the information they require.

If you are a service provider for the wedding industry and you support marriage equality, pop on over to our webpage and answer a couple of questions so we can contact you when it is about to go online. CLICK HERE

We are inching towards our launch date now, it's only a matter of time before we hit the go live button!

**Current service providers listed on MMG will be transferred over to the new website automatically before go live.

Marry Me Gay Team
Australia's Premier resource for same sex wedding products & services.


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