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Same Sex Wedding Ceremonies by Marlee Bruinsma (Celebrant)

Equally Wed - Monday, December 02, 2013

  I love weddings – I get to see two people in love sharing their happiness with families and friends and, even better, I get to help them design a wedding ceremony that reflects who they are as a couple and draws in their guests in that collective affirmation of their relationship.    

Although same sex marriages are not recognised yet in Queensland, there is no reason why you can’t have a ceremony to celebrate your relationship. You could conclude the ceremony by signing the paperwork to register your relationship in Queensland if you want to, provided you meet the requirements.

The possibilities for your ceremony are endless – you can have a themed wedding, a small informal event or a formal ceremony in a chapel or wedding venue with live music and a huge bridal party. It really depends on what you want. Although your celebrant has to say (by law) that this is not a legal marriage, I usually add to that by saying something along the lines of “although this is not a legal marriage, this is (names of couple)’s wedding day, where we affirm their relationship and witness their vows to each other as lovers and life partners”.

Although your ceremony is just a small part of the whole of your wedding day, the words used in your ceremony, your vows to each other and the choices you make for your ceremony, set the tone for the whole celebration. It’s important to be comfortable with the celebrant you choose to deliver your ceremony and the content of your ceremony. Usually, your celebrant will show you different ideas for your ceremony and many write a unique ceremony reflecting your personalities, your relationship, even your theme and location. A rehearsal before the day helps too so that on the day, you know where to stand or sit, the music has been tested and you know how things will flow. This makes for a more relaxing ceremony on the day.

"The government may be able to dictate right now who can and who cannot marry,
but it has no say over who we can or cannot love and how we celebrate that love."

Ceremony is an important part of our lives. It is how we acknowledge the important things in our lives, it helps create strong bonds between ourselves and our communities. It celebrates those things that in some ways seem ordinary but  are really a huge achievement, such as a loving and lasting relationship, parenthood, life’s transitions. The government may be able to dictate right now who can and who cannot marry, but it has no say over who we can or cannot love and how we celebrate that love. Many people have a renewal of vows some years after their marriage, hopefully same sex couples will be able to have a marriage some years after their wedding! And another party J to celebrate!

Happy celebrations!

Marlee Bruinsma

0438 144 269
Same Sex Ceremonies Queensland


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