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Send Us Your Wedding Stories!
 We love the fact that same-sex couples are committing to each other and it's really only a matter of time before Australia introduces same-sex marriages as a legal bill.
We would love to show the world that same-sex couples want to celebrate their big day and be legally acknowledged.

It's not just about Marriage Equality but also many other rights including ADOPTIONLEGALITY when it comes to partners WILLS, government BENEFITS to support your family and RIGHTS to services within the community to name just a few.

We welcome couples who have committed to each other to put forth their stories & photo's, so we are opening up the blog to lesbian, gay, queer, transgender and bisexual couples.
We want to show the world that we want equality and given the same rights as a straight couple and what better way than showing our government we will marry anyway!

Submissions should be no more than 1200 words which can focus on a small portion of your wedding or the whole event, it's really up to you.
Please either email us the photos you'd like to include (minimum of 10, we're looking for a variety with the focus on the couple and the wedding details) or include a link to your photo gallery and your photographer’s email address so we can get publishing permission.
Details we require: wedding date, both partners' names, ceremony and reception locations. Details we'd love for you to include: what made your wedding YOU: details from your ceremony, cake, food, music choices, rituals implemented, attire worn, etc. Please include a list of vendors and companies you used and loved at the end of your submission.

All events should be submitted with the knowledge and permission of the couple as well as the event photographer. We do not accept submissions by mail and cannot return materials sent by mail. Submission of your photos, videos and letters constitutes permission for Marry Me Gay to use them in all media. 

We look forward to reviewing and bringing forth some inspirational wedding day stories to our many eager couples.

Best wishes
The Marry Me Gay Team.


SEND ALL SUBMISSIONS TO e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Terms of Use for submissions:

Stories, idea's, suggestions, essays, audio, video, photographs or related materials and any other materials of any kind whatsoever submitted (hereinafter, the "Submissions") will not be returned or kept confidential. All such submissions may be used: (I) (the "Website")
By submitting the submission, you acknowledge and agree to the following terms and conditions and consent to your name and geographic location possibly being published in connection with the publication and distribution of your submission(s).

1. The Submissions may be shared with Marry Me Gay affiliated and related entities.

2. Neither Marry Me Gay nor any of its affiliated companies or entities are obligated to use or pay you for any Submission. You are not submitting the Submissions with any implied promise or understanding that payment will be made to you by Marry Me Gay or any party affiliated with Marry Me Gay.

3. By submitting the Submissions, you irrevocably grant to Marry Me Gay, all of its affiliated companies and entities and each of its licensees, successors and assigns, the non-exclusive, perpetual, royalty-free, no-cost license and right to use and otherwise exploit the Submissions and all elements thereof. Marry Me Gay may edit the Submissions for length, clarity and/or functionality.         

4. The Submissions will not be subject to any obligation of confidentiality and may be shared with and used by the staff of Marry Me Gay and any of its affiliated companies or entities and shared with legal authorities if Marry Me Gay believes it warranted. Neither Marry Me Gay nor any other party with whom Marry Me Gay shares the Submissions shall be liable for any use or disclosure of any information or Submission that you submit. You shall receive no compensation whatsoever for the Submissions or the use thereof by Marry Me Gay, its affiliated companies or entities, or any of its licensees, successors and assigns.

5. No Submission may contain any material that is abusive, vulgar, threatening, harassing, libelous, defamatory, obscene; or invades a person's privacy; violates any law or any intellectual property or other property or other rights; or is known to be false. 

6. You have complied with and agree to be bound by the Terms of Use, with regard to your Submissions.

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